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Exceptions and Warnings raised by gmxapi module operations.

Errors, warnings, and other exceptions used in the GROMACS
Python package are defined in the `exceptions` submodule.

The gmxapi Python package defines a root exception,
exceptions.Error, from which all Exceptions thrown from
within the module should derive. If a published component of
the gmxapi package throws an exception that cannot be caught
as a gmxapi.exceptions.Error, please report the bug.

__all__ = ['ApiError',

[docs]class Error(Exception): """Base exception for gmx.exceptions classes."""
[docs]class Warning(Warning): """Base warning class for gmx.exceptions."""
[docs]class ApiError(Error): """An API operation was attempted with an incompatible object."""
[docs]class DataShapeError(Error): """An object has an incompatible shape. This exception does not imply that the Type or any other aspect of the data has been checked. """
[docs]class NotImplementedError(Error): """Specified feature is not implemented in the current code. This exception indicates that the implemented code does not support the API as specified. The calling code has used valid syntax, as documented for the API, but has reached incompletely implemented code, which should be considered a bug. """
# May be useful for error checking in base classes or as a development tool # to avoid releasing incomplete implementations (e.g. overlooked "To do"s)
[docs]class FeatureNotAvailableError(Error): """Requested feature not available in the current environment. This exception will usually indicate an issue with the user's environment or run time details. There may be a missing optional dependency, which should be specified in the exception message. """
[docs]class ProtocolError(Error): """Unexpected API behavior or protocol violation. This exception generally indicates a gmxapi bug, since it should only occur through incorrect assumptions or misuse of API implementation internals. """
[docs]class TypeError(Error): """Incompatible type for gmxapi data. Reference datamodel.rst for more on gmxapi data typing. """
[docs]class UsageError(Error): """Unsupported syntax or call signatures. Generic usage error for gmxapi module. """
[docs]class ValueError(Error): """A user-provided value cannot be interpreted or doesn't make sense."""